The Builders SW are proud to offer Loft Conversions at an extremely competitive price. Conversions are a relatively low cost method of extending and converting existing space into usable, livable areas within a property. Good quality conversions will not only maximise space, but can also add value to your property.

The Builders SW will discuss your loft conversion requirements in detail to ascertain exactly what you need and then provide you with a quote for your loft conversion.

Building Regulations

The Builders SW are able to assist with planning permission requirements should it be needed to perform a loft conversion. In many cases, as you are not modifying the exterior of the property, planning permission is not required, though if you need to raise the roof, The Builders SW can assist you in getting the right permissions to move forward with your project.


There are many options on who to get the loft conversion designed by. The Builders SW can do the work for you – design and build or we can work with architects to put a design into place. We discuss two very popular options below on the best way to get the design for your loft conversion.

Architects or designers

Using an architect or a designer is the route that lets you get exactly what you need during the design process, but this method usually adds costs to the project.

Design and build company The Builders SW

The all inclusive service that we provide at The Builders SW is also a fine option to choose when considering a loft conversion. Our solutions tend to be more standardised, but we are able to work with designers and architects to produce a loft conversion to your exact specification.

The typical space gained from a loft conversion is around 30% of the total floor area of your home – and in almost all cases, you’ll be gaining livable space! For more information or for a FREE quote, please contact The Builders SW on 07515 393231 or