WOW Factors Which Make All the Difference to Your New Fitted Kitchen

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There can be no doubt that organising a new fitted kitchen is an exciting time. It’s like a facelift for your home and enjoying the pleasure of everything being shiny and new is a wonderfully uplifting feeling.Deciding which style to go for isn’t a simple process though and you may need to have a long, hard think about your family life and your general needs before choosing a new fitted kitchen.Once you’ve chosen a look which suits both your home and your lifestyle, it may be a good idea to think about your kitchen utensils and accessories and decide which are outdated and which are stylish enough to deserve a spot in your fabulous new kitchen.

Sometimes it can take until the fitting is completed to get a really clear idea of what looks good and what doesn’t. The light in your home can really play a big part in how the finished article appears so bear this in mind when choosing colour schemes.

It is therefore fair to say that some of the most important factors in designing a new fitted kitchen with the WOW factor are lighting, colour schemes, accessories and worktops. These elements need to be chosen with care and consideration in order that they don’t date too quickly.

Many homeowners prefer simple designs for their fitted kitchens

Kitchen Lighting to Impress
The ideal lighting is adaptable; the kitchen really is the heart of the home and it is a place of relaxation as well as of functionality. A great kitchen is somewhere to cook, to chat and to socialise; but to do these things comfortably requires adjustable lighting.

Who wants to chop vegetables in dim lighting? It’s certainly not ideal…but then again, who wants to drink a nice glass of wine under a bright, white spotlight?

The balance between a relaxed ambiance and lighting for working needs to be found. One good solution is to employ specific lighting recessed within different areas. Hidden spotlights near to the work surfaces are also a good idea as are pull-down light fittings for over dining areas or breakfast bars.

For fans of retro kitsch, original models from the 1960s are easily found for great prices on auction sites and add a quirky touch to a modern kitchen.

Colour Schemes
The reason many modern fitted kitchens are designed with neutral colour schemes is in order that homeowners may easily change the look or update them without replacing the entire thing.

Whether you enjoy a traditional look or a contemporary style, you should find that most units and worktops are made in natural colours which are easily matched to your accessories.

A neutral colour scheme is easy to accessorise

This frees you up to really go to town on wall colours and also any soft furnishings or crockery which you may want to display.

Adding vintage or retro crockery and cookware to a newly designed and contemporary kitchen is a great way to keep costs down whilst creating an individual and unique look. Another great idea is to display your collection of china or pottery on shelving incorporated into your fitted kitchen; this is both practical and attractive.

Worktops with the WOW Factor
Worktops are available in every colour and style imaginable today; from granite, marble and quartz to melamine and other hard-wearing man-made materials.

There is something to suit all tastes and many of the stone worktops are supplied with specialist cleaning agents. Keep your worktop’s wow factor by following cleaning instructions to the letter.

It is also advisable to have a good selection of cutting boards in the kitchen as an added protection for your worktop. A butcher’s block on castors is another good idea as not only does it provide an extra workspace but you can chop and dice to your heart’s content without fear of damaging your precious new worktop.

Practicality usually trumps all else when choosing your fittings but this doesn’t mean that personal taste has to go out of the window. A stylish space is always possible when you choose a good quality and neutrally toned fitted kitchen, such as stunning Nobilia kitchens. Add personality with accessories and remember that these little details are easily updated when you feel the need for a change. Unless of course you want to get a whole new kitchen fitted all over again…!

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