Types of Windows Fitted By Devon Builders

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When you are considering employing Devon builders to construct your new home or you are simply thinking about renovating an existing property one of the things that you will have to look at are the styles and types of window that are available. In this, our latest article, we look into the various different types of window that are currently being installed by our Devon builders to give you the widest possible choice.

Before we embark on our examination of the most popular types of window we should mention that, regardless of the style that you choose, you are also likely to be able to select from a range of different construction materials. Wood, for example, is the traditional material used in window manufacture. It has the advantage of being versatile and workable and can be durable, especially, hardwoods. Wooden windows can be painted or finished off naturally and can be easily treated to waterproof them and extend their longevity. Wooden windows have protected the houses of Devon for hundreds of years! UPVC widows are popular because of their optimum ability to insulate against heat loss and noise. They come in a range of different finishes and, unlike wood, the need for ongoing maintenance is minimal. Aluminium is growing in popularity in the manufacture of windows largely because its ratio of weight to strength means that thinner frames can be used without losing efficiency or security. Finally, some windows are constructed from a combination of materials, with steel or aluminium frames frequently encasing a wooden exterior. Of course, depending on planning issues, you will also be able to decide whether you require single, double or even triple glazing for the windows.

Types of Window
This is a window that opens outward from the window frame by virtue of a hinge or hinges, which are positioned on the frame and one side of the window. These windows are considered very effective in ventilating the house when required and are also heat and noise efficient. A potential disadvantage is that they require more room to open, because they swings outwards, than other types of window.

This kind of window, also sometimes known as a “double-hung” window, has two sashes that slide vertically up and down to open and close the window. They are thermo-dynamically efficient, with cool air able to enter at the bottom whilst warmer air escapes from the top. Because of their design, however, where the two sashes meet in the middle of the window unit, the view from the window is obstructed.

South Devon windows

The main advantage of a picture (or fixed) window, which is a sealed unit, is the unobstructed view that it offers. Another attraction is that this type of window is airtight, making it ultra efficient in terms of heat retention and as a noise barrier. Obvious disadvantages are that they can’t be opened and the outside can only be cleaned from the exterior of the house!

An awning window opens from a hinge or hinges at the top of the frame. Normally limited in size, which makes them unsuitable for certain windows, they have the advantage of being capable of providing ventilation during rainfall without allowing water to infiltrate the house.

A sliding window is similar to a sash, except that it opens horizontally rather than vertically. Its main advantage is that it does not project outwards when opened, so does not impinge on the exterior. The sliding window is often used as a set of doors to a patio.

As we hope we have shown, there are many choices of window when you are looking at building a new home or asking your builders to carry out renovations to your Devon house. Make sure that your builder discusses all the available options so that you end up with exactly the style of window that suits you and your home.

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