The Importance of the Quantity Surveyor in House Building Projects

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As we have discussed in previous articles on the subject of the construction of new houses, there are many professionals involved, from the initial planning phase, through the various stages of construction until the property is signed off by the architect an engineer. One particular professional is vital to the process of building properties and his or her involvement is necessary from an early stage in the project; the Quantity Surveyor.

The Role of the Quantity Surveyor
When the Quantity Surveyor on a building contract is engaged, the first tasks that he will undertake include carrying out the necessary feasibility studies including the estimation of the required materials, the time that the project will take to reach completion and the anticipated labour costs. The Q.S. will go on to carry out the preparation, negotiation and analysis of the pricings for tenders and contractors. Throughout the building process the Q.S. will be involved in the coordination of he various contractors in their different functions and providing advice on a whole range of different contractual and legal matters. At the completion of the building contract the Q.S. will undertake a valuation of the completed works and make the necessary arrangements for any payments due.

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Finding the Right Quantity Surveyor
The role of the Q.S. is so important in a building project that time and effort should be spent in identifying the right one. Obviously, if you have personal knowledge of a particular Q.S. this is likely to be the most helpful guide. However, if it is not possible to employ as Q.S. that you have worked with before you should be looking at the issue of qualifications. Most accomplished Q.Ss will have a degree in Surveying, Construction, Civil engineering or Structural engineering. Other important attributes for a proficient Q.S. will include:

  • A tried and tested method of thinking and working methodically
  • A substantial depth of knowledge about the construction industry and industry practices
  • An adeptness in recognising and finding solutions to problems
  • Sharply honed finance and numeracy skills
  • The ability to carry out detailed and complex negotiations with a wide range of building professionals
  • The ability to assimilate a great deal of detailed information
  • Good computer skills
  • An up to date knowledge of all he relevant local authority, health and safety, legal and other regulations that apply

If your search for a Q.S. ensures that the successful candidate has most, if not all, of these attributes your project is likely to benefit from the care and time that you have taken in reaching your decision.

As his article has demonstrated, the role of the Quantity Surveyor involves a wide range of different responsibilities, the performance of all of which are absolutely essential to the successful completion of any major development project. Only with the help of the Q.S. will the project reach a satisfactory completion for the customer, the other professionals involved and the main and sub-contractors.

For this reason, we at The Builders SW, new house builders in South Devon, Newton Abbot and the South West always insist on using only the best.

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