The Importance Of Customer Comments On A Building Company Website

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Whoever said that there is no such thing as bad publicity was never in the building trade!
We are all as good as the last job that we completed and if we are working in a relatively small locality, the effect of developing a bad reputation can be catastrophic.
Conversely, the impact of good customer satisfaction levels can have a really positive effect on your trade. That’s why, if you have a website, it is essential that you show your potential future customers what your previous ones have had to say about the work that you have done for them.
At The Builders SW Website we have a dedicated page that sets out our customer feedback. Some of our customers email us or write to us with their comments on the quality of our workmanship, the friendliness and trustworthiness of our workers and the efficiency of our working methods. Customers who are more computer savvy are also able to post comments directly on this blog.Devon BuildersWhen you consider the quality of some of the feedback, the sense on having such a resource on your website is obvious.For instance, one satisfied customer told us, “Dominic and his team had a difficult time with very, very challenging weather conditions an awkward site to access and a tight budget!
However the job was done to an excellent standard and within the budget we had and that was in light of the problems that Dominic effectively and professionally overcame.
We would recommend this team – they were absolutely brilliant we are really, really pleased!
Thank you The Builders”

This comment was all the more valuable because our customer gave us a top-drawer 5* rating with Rated People!Another customer comment was,
I was once told by a builder that building work has three components – quality, economy, and speed – and that you really could only get two out of three. E.g. if you want a top-notch job done at a reasonable price, you have to sacrifice speed; or if you want things done fast and economically, you would sacrifice quality. In my experience with previous builders, that has always been true. I am extremely pleased to report that this is not true with The Builders SW.
I really can’t emphasize this enough! Everyone on your crew is efficient, friendly, polite, tidy, competent, and – best of all – reliable. You and your team are a pleasure to work with, and Pip and I are delighted with the skill and speed with which our extension is going up. We have been recommending you unreservedly to everyone who says they might have a building project in the future. We are just so happy – and from someone in the midst of a building project, that is something!

South West Builders

Positive feedback like this not only confirms that we are doing the job properly and to the full satisfaction of our customers but also provides a boost to our workers, who can see how highly their efforts are regarded. On our Customer Commendations Page there are many entries such as this and they are being added to regularly. We would highly recommend it as an effective way of showing potential customers exactly what you can do. Combined with a portfolio of photographs of your work, this may just make the difference between the customer going on to another website and or making contact with you.

We will end by setting out what is definitely Dominic’s favourite commendation so far. Another satisfied customer contacted us to say,
“Dear Dominic,
I’m sorry not to see you because if I did I would give you a big kiss!!!!” To say a really big thank you, we are are both very pleased with our house, it looks fantastic !!!!!!! I know you did a really good price for us and I just want to say again,
With love and best wishes, XXXX
Sean & Sarah
P.S. I would be more than happy to recommend your work to anybody!”

Dom was sorry to have missed the kiss but Sarah’s feedback on how happy she and her husband were with the job The Builders SW had done was reward enough in the end!

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