The Importance of Building Insulation

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Everyone want to keep their household bills as low as possible and the cost of heating is no exception. Keeping the temperature in your home at an acceptable level, especially in the colder winter months, is important for your health and well being. Older people, in particular, are susceptible to the cold, and it is therefore all the more important that they are able to keep the house warm. The issue of keeping domestic properties suitably heated (either warm or cool) takes up a substantial amount of the world’s energy consumption and underlines the importance of proper insulation. This is the reason your Devon builders will always be happy to advise you about whether your home requires insulation.

Insulation Benefits
A well insulated building is much more energy efficient. This not only keeps the building at the correct temperature but also results in substantially reduced household energy bills. in addition, insulation provides for more uniform levels of temperature within the building. Heat normally rises and the lower levels of a property therefore tend to be colder. Effective insulation reduces the difference in these heat levels, making for a more comfortable environment for the occupiers of the property, whether the temperatures outside are either very warm or very cool.
A further benefit of having a property insulated is that, in the long run, it will prove far cheaper than constantly heating or cooling a property through heaters, fires, fans and air conditioning because it is a one-off cost. Once the house is insulated it will remain insulated forever, requiring very little in terms of maintenance and repair. Insulation also helps to reduce the amount of carbon deposits from individual buildings and when these reductions are applied to an entire street, estate or town they add up considerable, helping to preserve the overall environment.
Other Benefits
There are additional benefits to insulation over and above those directly related to maintaining comfortable temperatures and saving money. One of these is the reduction of noise from the exterior of the property and between the rooms of the house. A further advantage is to reduce the impact of internal and external vibrations. Both of these side-effects of insulation add to the comfort of the occupiers of the property.

Types of Insulation
There are several areas of the home where insulation should be installed.The part of the construction that is most susceptible to heat loss is the roof. This makes sense, as heat rises. Insulation of the loft space can dramatically reduce the amount of heat that escapes through the roof. A second area of potential heat loss are the windows. Double or triple glazing of the windows reduces this and also keeps the house protected from noise contamination from outside. The third area of heat loss from a property are its walls. In some houses this is relatively easily remedied by the installation of cavity wall insulation. In older properties, with solid walls, a different method is employed, with the insulation materials being applied to the exterior in the form of a render coat or by the creation of an internal system by adding stud walls cladded with insulating material.

Devon builders loft insulation

Loft Insulation

Whatever area of a house is lacking in effective insulation, the consequences are likely to make life less comfortable and more expensive. A survey of a house to assess its heat efficient is easy to carry out and the results can be surprising. It is also relatively straightforward to calculate the savings that could be made if effective insulation were to be installed. As we have already mentioned, in the long run installing sound insulation will prove positive in more than one respect.

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