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The weather in The South West can be the most pleasant in the country. On the other hand, it can also be as wet and windy as anywhere, causing a major headache for local builders, like us, who ply their trade in Torquay, South Devon and The South West of England. Of course, it can also be a major cause of stress to a property owner whose building work has to be put on hold because of a lengthy downturn in the weather.
Fortunately, at The Builders SW, we are able to combat the bad weather and keep the work on track by the use of shrink wrap covers.

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Previously, building work supported by scaffolding has been protected from the weather by corrugated covers and simple sheets of tarpaulin. This was never an ideal solution, particularly in storm and wind conditions, giving rise to the need to find some other method of protecting the construction and the professionals working on it from the elements. Scaffolding shrink wraps also keep the public safe from the impact of adverse weather on the building structure whilst the work continues.

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The shrink wrap system of weather protection can be used to cover the entire structure of the building that we are working in, providing protection from the elements and a safe building environment to work on, as well as avoiding the type of daily that is normally associated with certain types of weather condition. This way we can ensure that our customers do not suffer the stress and strain of a delay in the completion of their building project, whilst also keeping our workforce at work.

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Whether the building project is domestic or commercial, the result of delay caused by adverse weather conditions can impose considerable strain, both emotionally and financially. By providing the facility to employ shrink wrap protection for our building works, The Builders SW are able to protect our customers from these stresses. We can complete our works without significant delay or additional expense caused by the weather, ensuring the continued safety and security of our site, our labour force and, most importantly, our valued customers.

The Builders SW really do go to work in all weathers!

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