Some Building Jobs that Should Be Left to the Professionals

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Everyone wants to save as much money as they can, especially, it seems, when it comes to household repairs and improvements. The wealth of DIY manuals and the availability of detailed instructions, downloads and online articles on the internet tempt many of us into avoiding the need to employ a professional building company and, instead, try to do the job ourselves. Whilst this is a reasonable money-saving strategy in many situations there are, however, certain pieces of work that should be left firmly in the hands of professional builders. As we will show below, there are also some that must be carried out by certificated professionals.

Electrical works, other than simple steps such as changing a plug, should always be carried out by as suitable qualified electrical contractor. There are many major areas of electrical work that require a completion certificate from the electrical contractor. This certificate will remain with the property and a copy will almost certainly be requisitioned when the property is to be sold. If you carried out these major works yourself, not only will you have placed you and your family at risk, it may well need to be re-done before a buyer is prepared to take on your property. Fortunately, the electrical division of The Builders SW, Torquay, South Devon has a team of qualified electricians who are able to carry out all major electrical works safely and at a reasonable price.

Whilst there is no legal need to involve a professional builder in plumbing repairs, the consequences of getting it wrong are matters that should be very much borne in mind when deciding whether you want to embark on a plumbing project on a do-it-yourself basis. If your plumbing repairs or improvements go wrong the first and most obvious consequence is a flood. This can cause extensive damage to your property and its valuable contents. Worse still, it can cause similar damage to the property and belongings of your neighbours. This damage may not be covered by your insurance if you carried it out yourself, so the financial consequences may be calamitous! Once again, The Builders SW have a team of specialist Torquay, South Devon and South Hams plumbers to help you avoid such consequences.

Gas Works
Any work that involves the gas system, whether it is central, the cooker or gas fires must be carried out be a qualified Gas Safe engineer. The risk of explosion from a faulty gas appliance or installation brings with it such potential catastrophe that the law, quite rightly, prohibits amateur home improvement enthusiasts from engaging in the works. You should always, therefore, find a local Gas Safe engineer, such as those employed by The Builders SW, to carry out these works safely.

The last area where would advise against do-it-yourself work in on the roof. Quite apart from he fact that it can take many years to become an accomplished roofer there are two other very valid reasons form employing a professional to carry out your roofing works. Firstly, working at height required specialist skill in itself, together with special equipment of accidents are to be avoided. The potential consequences of falling from a high roof need not be elaborated upon. Secondly, as with so many cases, the consequences of getting it wrong can be immensely damaging, including from a financial perspective. We at The Builders SW have developed our own team of specilaist roofers covering Torquay, South Devon, Exeter and Plymouth to help you ensure that you keep a roof over your head!


Whilst it is laudable to try to save money on household works – and there are many areas where a reasonable adept do-it-yourself exponent can work effectively – it is essential that homeowners recognise those areas that are beyond their competence.

Sometimes you really should get the builders in!

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