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Every firm of builders in South Devon area wants to publicise its services and attract new custom. After all, that is what we are in the building industry to do. There are many ways of trying to bring in new custom. The most obvious and tried and tested method is through direct advertising but increasing prices and competition mean that is is not always the most effective way of going about things. Many building companies now enrol with online registers of tradesmen such as Rated People, My Builder or Yell through which, for a fee, referrals of new work can be passed on and quoted for. Listings in telephone directories and online business directories are also used as a tool to find more business. However, one means of attracting new customers and standing out from the competition which is frequently ignored is through the publication of customer comments about the quality of the work that you have carried out previously.

This can be achieved in one of three ways, all of which can help to showcase your building company.

A Company Website/Blog
Most commercial building operations now have their own dedicated website or blog – or both! This can be a great medium through which to publicise the comments of satisfied customers. A blog can be interactive, allowing you to respond to constructive (and other) comments from customers and to demonstrate to potential future clients who are visiting your site that you possess the ability to communicate with those that have entrusted you with important work on their properties. We always include customer comments on our own website Customer Commendations page and on our dedicated South Devon Builders blog.

Social Media
As in the case of operating a website, most modern companies also maintain a social media presence. This is also a really effective means of allowing customers to post comments about the quality of your work and the nature of their relationship with their builder throughout the course of a contract. We have our own Social Media presence through Google+ as well as our own Builders South West Facebook Page and Twitter account. Through the regular use of all of these we are able to post our customers’ comments and keep them informed of what we are currently working on.

Third Party Sites
We have already mentioned sites such as Rated People, My Builder and Yell. All of these – and others – allow customers to post their own reviews of the work that has been carried out by a tradesman that they have employed. Because they are perceived to be slightly more independent than the social media and web presence of the builder, some people believe them to be more reliable, although that is not always necessarily the case. It is important to check, when signing up to one of these directories, that you have the right to reply to any comment that is made to ensure that anyone reading your reviews will have the ability to read a balanced analysis of the work that you have carried out.

Whilst the publication of customer comments can provide a very effective way of showing potential customers just what you can do, it can also be quite hazardous when many people tend to believe almost everything they read that is published online. If you are unlucky enough to receive an adverse review or a critical analysis of your standard of work it is important to approach this in a calm and balanced manner. If the complaint is justified, an attempt to settle it will demonstrate that you take customers’ concerns seriously. If it is not justified, it is still wise to handle it sensitively. You should never either ignore an adverse review nor go on the counter-attack. Either of these is likely to undermine your efforts to use customer commendations as an integral part of your marketing.

Article written by The Builders SW, serving their customers’ building needs throughout Torbay, South Devon and the South West

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