New Technologies Transforming Our Homes

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Gadgets have been making our lives easier and it will continue to do so in the coming future. Home appliances have been receiving upgrading at a continuous pace as they are the most often used products in a home. Be it TV, phones or fitness equipments, 2013 will see a whole new world of these products. The variety that will hit customers will surely leave them spoilt for choice.

These new gadgets assure the customers that they will be more advanced, inter-connected, responsive and user-friendly than ever. This is the age of integration hence all the big manufacturers are striving to launch programs which will integrate all the devices and streamline one’s daily usage using the cloud and mobile phone.

Internet will no longer be accessed just via computer devices or smart phones. Instead it will be reaching out to every home via the television. With continuous efforts, the annoying navigation will be soon replaced by seamless accessing experience. Also new in the TV segment is the ultra HD which gives even higher resolution and talks are on about OLEDs or organic light emitting diodes. What we see in near future is even more vivid images on our screens.

Phones have become indispensible especially today when it comes loaded with various applications. The more sophisticated it has become the more demand is for greater care. But there is nothing to fret as prototypes of flexible screens have been making their appearances. The implementation of the next generation Gorilla Glass 3 will make the device more durable against scratches. A nano-technology was displayed by a company called Liquipel which coats phones to make them water resistant. The coming 5G promises improved range, better battery performance, higher data capacity and faster speeds.
Fitness has always been the concern for many and it has found wider acceptance now. This is because the growing fears of lifestyle diseases. This segment will be accelerated in the near future and companies are already geared up to benefit from it.

The tablet has been receiving more attention as they are portable, lightweight, and adaptable. To make them even better the flexibility point is worked upon. They will now leave no space for criticism as will be loaded to replace notebook altogether. Also the screen resolution and processing speeds have been getting better to woo all.

The barrier between a mobile device or laptop will be diminished soon thanks to the focus on ‘Second Screens’ technology. This will make sending YouTube videos from a phone to the big screen over Wi-Fi or watching movies from iTunes account on the TV via AirPlay easier and faster.

Cars are another most used and important gadget which undergoes rapid modification. This is to ensure smooth driving experience with enhanced safety and comfort. The new age cars comes built-in navigation, facilities to make phone calls via voice command, or play music from iPod through the car stereo. These technologies have taken a higher plunged and soon will be launched new concepts such as self-driving technologies, improvements to parking guidance and driver assistance, better home screens for infotainment systems, and more accurate voice controls.

These improvements will be integrated while keeping the design in mind too. This is regarded to be the best aspect as previously under the umbrella of improvements, design used to take a back seat. However manufactures have realized the importance of design and how they also contribute in complimenting the incorporated changes.

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