How Devon Builders Can Enhance Their Online Presence

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It is not too long ago that all a South Devon builder needed to do to keep his work coming in was to provide a high standard of workmanship, good customer care and a reasonable price. Such was the nature of business that this meant that, largely by virtue of word of mouth, repeat work would come in and the business would thrive. As competition developed, so did the need to advertise services externally and this originally took the form of taking out advertisements in local newspapers and listing the business in local and regional directories such as Yellow Pages and Thomson Local. The internet explosion, however, completely changed the way that builders showcase their business and many organisations, from the single builder firm to the construction giants, now seek to advertise their services and achieve new custom through that medium. Their are four principal means of advertising a presence on the internet and in this article wee look at each of them and demonstrate how they can best be used to help market a South West building company.

A Personal Website
Essential to successful internet marketing is the existence of a professional website. The website should contain all the information necessary to reveal the skills of the builders. It should have the necessary contact information, plenty of photographs of completed work and, preferably, testimonials from satisfied customers. It may be necessary to get some help in raising the profile of the website in the search engines so that anyone looking for a local building company will be able to access the site without scrolling down too many pages. The website of The Builders SW also contains access to the blog in which this article appears!

Online Directories
Enrolling with one of the many online local directories is another effective way of marketing a building company. Some of these directories will require payment although many are willing to list a business free of charge. An added bonus is that many of the directories provide a link back to the builder’s website, which can help to get it higher in the search engine results.

Social Media
Social media is becoming more and more important and there are three main routes for builders who want to enhance their reputation and increase their client base through this route.

A regular contribution to Twitter can attract site visitors which can, in turn, lead to more business. The Twitter activity should be more than simply self-publicising. A Twitter user is only likely to attract followers by adding to the quality of the exchanges rather than simply trying to plug his own business. If you have had an article published or have some news about the construction industry, sharing it with followers on Twitter may well result in re-tweets and an increase in followers.

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As with Twitter, Facebook is an effective way of showcasing a business. Because followers of a Facebook business page tend to be local, it can certainly enhance a business’s profile. The more local likes that a business receives the more likely it is to impress its followers and attract the business of any of those who need building work or are looking to recommend a builder to a friend or member of the family.

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Not surprisingly, it is extremely helpful to local businesses to receive a positive online review. It is especially helpful if this review is made through the Google+ 1 button. As part of an online marketing drive, satisfied customers should be encouraged to post their review on the internet. Not only is this likely to impress the search engines, it will also impress potential future customers.

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Although, obviously, the key to a successful business is providing and excellent and reasonably priced service, it is essential to keep new business coming in. Using the availability of online marketing is one important tool that Devon builders now employ to keep the work coming in.

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