How Builders In Torquay, South Devon and The South West Can Beat The Recession

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As we are constantly being given figures about the continuing recession and the effect that it is having on the building industry, we need to take a look at what we, as local builders can do to make sure that we are still providing a service to our customers at present and that we will still be there when the economic climate improves.
The first thing that we can do may seem like a contradiction, at first glance. We need to diversify but also be able to specialise. What we mean by this is that we need to provide a comprehensive building service, with access to experienced professionals in all areas of the industry. The building industry has many components, including ground work, block work, plumbing, heating, electrics, plastering rendering, decorating roofing, interior and exterior decoration and much much more. Many builders only have experience and expertise in one or two of these disciplines. At The Builders SW, we have many years of experience in the broadest range of building skills, meaning that we can complete virtually every construction and building job efficiently and cheaply, without having to employ external sub-contractors. It also means that we are better equipped than many builders to coordinate works on a major multi-disciplinary building project.
The second thing that builders need to do is create and maintain trusting and mutually respectful relationships with their customers. At a time when the availability of work can be limited, the builders who are going to get it are the ones that have made positive links with past and present items. The importance of word of mouth recommendations is something that can’t be over stated.
Thirdly, the importance of producing work of a high quality should be obvious. The successful builder is the builder who produces the best workmanship using the best materials.
Fourthly, price is always an important issue for the customer, so if their builder can be competitive, without lowering the standards of workmanship, the customer is likely to go with their quotes.
Finally, local builders need to remember the importance of dealing with their customer’s work as a priority. Sometimes it can be uneconomical to do something according to the customer’s timetable. However, we should remember how stressful building works can be for our customers and try to fit our own schedules around their needs as best we can.Summary
Hopefully, if our builders apply these rules of thumb, they will be able to keep the business coming in during the recession and be in a strong position to expand their work and resources once the good times begin again.

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