At The Builders SW, we understand that housing accounts for around 30% of greenhouse gas emissions, raw material usage and waste output, around 66% of all electricity consumption and 33% of total energy use. That’s why we have a policy that involves protecting the environment as much as possible from any unnecessary harm caused by our building practices. In consultation with our customers, we will try to ensure that we aim for energy conservation to enable the most effective use of natural resources resulting in reduced utility bills.

The Builders SW, Green Building

  • We try to achieve water conservation to provide maximum efficiency and a reduction in water charges.
  • We try to build to attain management of storm water that avoids disrupting the performance of natural watersheds.
  • We aim for waste reduction, recycling of materials and, if the customer so wishes, the use of “green” building materials.
  • As well as the external environment, we can improve the internal air quality by using organic compound materials and planning for careful ventilation when we build or renovate your property.
  • Waste reduction, recycling, and use of “green” building materials.
  • Improved indoor air quality through the use of low volatile organic compound products and careful ventilation practices during construction and renovation.

So, if you want to build or renovate your home to the highest environmentally friendly standards, The Builders SW are here to help you do it.