Go Green With Your Home

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‘Going green’ has become a popular option – not just for the environmentally friendly among us, but also for those looking to save money on their utility bills.

With a continued reliance on non-renewable energy sources, it is only a matter of time before our behaviour needs to shift towards the likes of solar power, wind farms and other alternative methods of power generation.

In the meantime, many responsible homeowners are taking small steps towards a more eco-friendly solution in the form of green roofs, solar power and other options.

With this in mind, we have a few ideas on how you can ‘go green’ at home…read on to find out more.

Install A Green Roof

Green roofs are an increasingly popular roofing option and they continue to provide homeowners with a host of varied benefits, including:
· Improved energy efficiency
· Improved roof lifespan
· Increased property value
· A new habitat for wildlife
· Helps remove C02 from the atmosphere
· Absorbs radiation from the sun and mitigates the Heat Island Effect

From simple turfed grass roofs to full on garden rooftops, the choice is yours!

Invest In Solar Power

Solar power has long been known as an alternative source of energy. It works by converting natural sunlight into electricity, through the use of solar panels. These solar panels are strategically placed to maximise the amount of light that they are exposed to. Typically, this would be on the roof, or front of a property, in order to catch the most light during daytime hours.

The benefits of solar power include:
· A lessened environmental impact and carbon footprint
· Reduced electricity bills
· Ability to ‘sell’ surplus energy back to the national grid

Use Energy Efficient Appliances

There are many energy efficient domestic appliances on the market, so when you’re next in search of a new fridge freezer, washing machine, dishwasher or other appliance, consider picking up a more energy efficient model.

One popular standard for energy efficient appliances is that of ‘Energy Star’. Approved appliances generally use 20 – 30% less energy than the required level, making them more cost-effective and less energy hungry than non-approved counterparts.

Improve Your Insulation

A high proportion of wasted energy is lost due to poor household insulation. Getting your walls and loft properly insulated is paramount. It not only helps to lock in heat, but in turn, helps cut your energy bills and improves your green credentials!

It also helps aid cooling during warmer, summer months, negating the need for costly air conditioning and fan devices.

Recycle Household Waste

Recycling is a very simple way of doing your bit for the environment. From household waste such as paper, plastics, glass and tin to old clothes, appliances and garden compost. It all helps.

Think Green & Use Your Common Sense

Yes – believe it or not, common sense does prevail. Leaving a room? Turn off the light. Going out? Turn the TV off at the mains – avoid standby mode like the plague! Washing your clothes? Wait until you’ve got a full load before starting the cycle.

Small changes in the behaviour of yourself and others in your household can help to greatly cut your energy consumption over time. This will not only promote a green attitude, but help your pocket too!

Thanks for reading – we hope to have given you just a few ideas to help you to ‘go green’ with your home. We wish you the best of luck when embracing a more eco-friendly lifestyle!

Author bio: This guest post has been shared by Classic Bond, UK providers of EPDM roofing materials for green roofing systems.

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