Flood Protection Barriers – A Cheap Way To Protect Your House From A Flood

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In November 2012 the risk of flooding throughout he UK was so high that there were almost 300 flood warnings issued by the Environment Agency. Despite the warnings, however, many houses did go on to sustain considerable flood damage simply because they were situated in high risk flood areas and could do nothing to avoid the high levels of water caused by the torrential rain that he country had experienced.

Te sad result of this heavy flooding was that many householders suffered significant losses both financially and emotionally. For those who were unwilling or felt themselves unable to take out the necessary insurance policy, the financial loss was the heaviest. For all those affected by the floods, the stress and distress caused by having a much loved home and its contents damaged, sometimes beyond repair, simply added to their woes.

At a time when insurance companies are raising premiums and excess payments for flood damage in properties that are considered to be in high risk areas many people are looking at whether they can provide their own flood protection barrier to defend their home against the worst consequences of a flood. There are, in fact, such products on the market, which can, relatively cheaply, provide a house with its own flood defence. One such product is the Hydroflex Barrier.

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The Hydroflex Barrier is simple to install, fits most doorways and is inexpensive, especially when compared to the cost of a flood in the house. It has the flexibility to fit virtually any doorway and can be installed quickly in the vent that a flood warning is issued or a flood seems imminent. Anyone with only basic DIY skills would find the installation straightforward.

With the continuing extremes in weather that the UK and other countries are suffering and the frequency with which the UK is subjected to severe flood, products such as the Hydroflex Barrier may become an essential tool in a home owner’s personal flood protection and defence policy.

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