Essential Selection Factors When Purchasing a Conservatory

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A light and stylish luxury to add to the home, conservatories are a great way to create extra space for dining, working or simply lounging. Thanks to their glamorous glass windows, conservatories allow heat and light to stream in, making for a comfortable and relaxing ambience. No matter what homeowners plan on using their conservatory for, there are some key selection factors which need to be considered.

Here are some of the main factors to think about before purchasing a conservatory.

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Selecting the right style
Conservatories are available in a range of styles, meaning picking the right style to match the home is essential. Homeowners need to consider what atmosphere they intend to create, and whether or not the style will complement the property. Those wanting a traditional conservatory will find the Victorian style adopts the timeless features of the classic conservatory. With roof cresting, a multifaceted bay end and a 25 degree pitched roof, the Victorian style will make for an eye-catching and enchanting room.

Those looking for a more contemporary conservatory however, may find the modern, Mediterranean conservatory a more appealing choice. With a 5 degree pitched roof, the Mediterranean style is both sleek and stylish. A great choice for those who plan on using their conservatory as a lounging area, the Mediterranean style will allow homeowners to escape into a sun-kissed paradise.

Choosing the perfect size
Selecting the right size is also essential when purchasing a conservatory. It is important to remember that the bigger the conservatory, the more expensive it is likely to be; therefore it is vital that homeowners are realistic with measurements and cost. Before buying, homeowners should consider how much furniture they are planning to fill the room with and whether or not there is the required space. Whilst those planning on using the conservatory as an extra work space may not need that many square inches, homeowners using it as a main dining or lounge area will need to ensure there is enough elbow room for everyone. Available in a range of sizes, homeowners need to carefully consider the right dimensions for them.

Deciding between all and part glass conservatories
Homeowners should decide prior to purchasing a conservatory, whether or not they plan on having an all or part glass conservatory. Whilst conservatories which rest on a main wall are cheaper to heat than full glass conservatories, they do not offer 360 degree views of the garden as full glass conservatories do. With both types of conservatories providing advantages and disadvantages, it simply depends on what style homeowners are looking to go for and how much they are hoping to spend.

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A superb addition to any house, conservatories give homeowners that extra bit of space and add a little more luxury to the home. With aspects such as style, size and build to think about, there are some important factors to consider before purchasing a conservatory. Through creating a tick-list and checking off all their essential requirements, homeowners will be able to find their dream conservatory in no time at all.

By Maria Hubbard.

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