DIY/Home Improvement Ideas to Sell Your Home Fast

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There are occasions when it becomes necessary to sell your home quickly. You may have been offered a job in a different town or even a different country. Or perhaps your financial circumstances demand the rapid sale of your property or a sudden addition to the family may mean that you need to invest in a bigger place. Whatever the reason for wanting a quick sale, you are unlikely to achieve this unless your house is in a marketable condition and most estate agents will strongly advise you how to get he property into a state to sell it.
In this article we will look at some of the DIY/home improvements that you might wish to consider to help you to sell your home fast.
The easiest home improvement to optimise the chances of selling your house quickly is redecoration. Worn and shabby wallpaper and chipped paintwork immediately detract from the appearance of the interior of your house and will put off many potential purchasers. The same can be said for the exterior décor of the house, which may even stop some potential viewers from going through the gate! Redecorating the house can be carried out relatively cheaply, especially if you do not need to use a tradesman, and it can quickly transform a careworn looking property into a highly marketable home. If you do use professional painters and decorators they may be able to get the job done more quickly, which is another issue to take into account.

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The Roof
Loose roof tiles or slates are immediately evident to those who are viewing your house and will certainly not encourage a fast sale. Loose or missing tiles may be indicative of a leaking roof, something that many potential buyers will shy away from. Although you may not be able to do this work yourself, it should nonetheless be done as soon as possible if you want to sell your home quickly.

Rainwater Goods
There are not many things that are more likely to put off a viewer than leaking gutters and down pipes. If the viewing is in dry weather you may get away with it but as nobody can control the days on which it rains, you should mend any such leaks, rather than take the risk.

Problems with internal fittings, such as loose hinges that make the doors hard to open, windows that are stuck closed and kitchen units with lopsided doors, all present as an annoyance and should be repaired as soon as you make the decision to sell your house.

Sinks and Baths
It is easy, over time, for the sinks in the kitchen and bathroom and the bath itself to become discoloured. A little bleach, coupled with a lot of elbow grease, can clean these very effectively and make them far more attractive to a viewer of your property.

The state of the garden is another factor that is quickly and easily dealt with. Tidying an unkempt garden makes your house look good from the outside and will encourage viewers to want to look at the interior.

Devon House RepairsCarpets

The carpets in your home may well have become soiled and worn over time. If you have animals, they may also have developed a certain odour. To rectify both of these problems, the carpets should be cleaned. You can easily do this yourself or, alternatively, you may prefer to employ a professional carpet cleaning company, which will have the necessary equipment to make your carpets look clean and bright and smell fresh and new.

Any broken or cracked window panes should be replaced and any worn or degraded putty should be repaired. Once again, this is the type of work that is easily undertaken at a minimal cost yet the effect is to create a more attractive looking proposition to a possible buyer of your home.

None of the steps that we have outlined above are likely to be beyond the capabilities of someone who can undertake basic DIY/home improvements. The implementation of those that are required before placing your home on the market is likely to go a long way towards ensuring that you are able to sell your home fast.

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