DIY Lighting Accessories to Illuminate Your Drawing Room

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You need to continuously change the interior décor of your home, especially the drawing room to break the monotony of the feel that the room gives. It is not necessary to splurge huge amount of cash for including some accessories in your room. All you need to do is to know how to use the raw materials to make your own accessories. Not only will your skill be explored, but also the extent of your imagination. Some of the do-it-yourself or DIY lighting accessories and the making procedure are elaborated below.

Bamboo Lamp Construction:

These home décor accessories are in vogue, giving your room a classy look. Although, you may not like the idea of making one, you will be surprised to discover the end results. And to add up on the dramatic effects, you can cluster up a few.

Materials Required:
§ A sheet of plywood with 1-inch dimension
§ Lighting Kit
§ Some bamboo or reed sheets
§ “Weather-stripping” copper based nails
§ One jigsaw
§ Swag and hammer
Displaying Your Skills-Procedure:

Step 1- You will start with the plywood. With the help of measuring tape make two squares with dimensions of 4 x 4. Inside each of these squares, draw another square keeping the distance of an inch from the “original lines”.

Step 2- Using the jigsaw cut out one square. Make small holes with drill in a random order within the second square (you must note out here that it is the second square that will comprise as “top piece”. The purpose of drilling holes is to make way for heat to leave the light bulb).

Step 3- Now, you will have to place the bamboo sheet on to some flat surface. You will place both the squares which had been cut out on each of the sheet corner.

Step 4- Next, you will need to roll up the bamboo so that the edges of the wood pieces are covered up. Use a hammer to place the “weather-stripping” copper based nail. Keep wrapping the “wood square” with the bamboo, hammering the nails along the way.

Step 5- after ensuring that the squares are fully covered; stick the swag and the “lighting kit” on to the lamp for the purpose of hanging it.

The “Fortuny” Lamp:

Another very interesting lighting accessory that will make your room look elegant is the “Fortuny” lamp. Now, grab the attention of your guest with your customized version of the “Fortuny” lamp.

Materials Required:
§ 3/4 yard fabric or silk 45 or 60 inch wide
§ Matching thread
§ “Fortuny” Lamps from ‘Vogue Patterns for Living #2056’
§ 2-1/4 yards 1/8-inch cord
§ Heavy wire
§ 1/4 yard Cord with dimensions of 1/61-inch
§ Tassel
§ A metal ring which is 1-1/4-inch in diameter
§ Sewing Machine
§ Electrical Tape
§ Darning Needle
§ “u” nail
§ Scrap Wood
§ Wire Cutters
§ Light Kit
§ Hammer
Displaying Your Skills-Procedure:

Step 1- Firstly, you will need to hammer the “U’ shaped nail on to the scrap wood, right in the center to make wire frame for the lamp top. Below the “U” nail, place the “heavy gauge” wire and make sure that the wire is bent at right angles from the “U” shaped nail to form an eight inch “square frame”.

Step 2- To complete the square shaped frame, use wire cutters and tape up the wire.

Step 3- Make four silk or fabric based triangular pieces from “Vogue Patterns for Living Pattern #2056”.

Step 4- Now, using a “French seam”, stitch up the four triangular pieces, encasing the ‘seam allowance’ exposed edges. To avoid displaying the loose ends in the light, the seaming process is necessary. Using ¼ inch seams, sew up the “wrong side” of the lamp. Next, the “seam allowance” needs to be trimmed. Turning the lamp to the “wrong side”, press the creases that are created on the seam. The exposed edges need to be stitched with ¼ inch seam. Now follow the same process on the “right side” of the lamp.

Step 5- Next, you will have to put in the “eight inch lamp frame” on top of the original lampshade. Align the seams with the frame corners. Fold in the lampshade’s top edge within the lamp’s interior. Now, sew with your hand the edge that is folded to keep it in place.

Step 6- To make the hangar for the lampshade, you will need to make two halves of the 1/8 inch cord. Next fold these halves and put in these folded edges through the ring’s opening. Ensure even extension of the cords after making sure that the ends are threaded form within the loop. Now, ensure that the ring has the “cord taut” drawn around it. The upper corners of lampshade’s outside need to be pinned to the cords’ ends. Make adjustments in the cord to hang the lampshade in a straight position. Knotting the cords will secure the place where the lamp hangs. Get rid of the extra cord ends.

Step 7- To stick a tassel or bead, you will need to stitch it with hand on to the lamp’s bottom. The lighter lampshades can be kept in position placing a “clear marble” on the shade. Finally, you can install the light.


Try out these two easy-to-make lampshades to discover your own craftsmanship and décor qualities.

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Summary: You can spend a fortune in buying lighting accessories for your home or try out the DIY method to experiment with your skills. Two popular customized lampshades and their preparation method are elaborated in the writing.

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