Devon Builders Tips: Prepare for the Winter!

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As the summer isn’t over yet it may seem a touch premature to talk about how to prepare your home for the winter. However, the best time to take action to make sure that your property is in the best condition to meet the challenges that the winter weather will bring is when the weather is still fine. Leaving things until the winter weather sets in is likely to create problems and additional expense if something goes wrong. Here are some tips on how to prepare your home for the winter.

Fill the Gaps
When the weather is warm you are unlikely to feel the effects of drafts that enter the property through spaces around the door and window frames. These gaps will be all too apparent when the cold winds of winter take effect. A thorough inspection of the house will help to identify and plug those gaps well before winter arrives.

Don’t Lag Behind
If you want to make sure that you don’t suffer the inconvenience and cost of a burst water pipe, you should ensure that all your pipework and water tanks are properly insulated against the cold. Your South Devon plumbers will be happy to advise you on any specific areas¬†that require attention prior to the onset of the cold weather.

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Check Out the Roof
Winter weather frequently involves wind and rain. The roof of your house is susceptible to stormy conditions and any loose tiles are likely to be displaced, resulting in water penetration and damage to your property’s interior. Your Devon roofers will be only too pleased to carry out a survey of the roof to make sure that any problems are dealt with before the damage is done. Whilst on the roof they will also be able to check the guttering and clear out any debris that may have accumulated over the course of the year.

Restore the Paintwork
Your exterior woodwork and, if your property is externally rendered, your walls, need protection from the winter weather. Your paintwork needs to be checked and, if there are any breaks in the coating or the paintwork is worn or cracked, you should ask your Devon decorators to solve the problems when the weather is still relatively dry.

In addition to insulating the pipework and water tanks, the house itself requires protection against the winter weather. You should check that the loft is properly insulated and that your external walls are properly protected. Older homes, with solid walls, may not have any effective insulation and although it can be an expensive exercise, it will save a lot of money in the long run if you engage a team of Devon external rendering contractors to insulate your external walls.

Sweep the Chimney
If you have a real fire or wood burner, make sure that your chimney is swept before you light it up for the first time. Chimney fires can be messy and are best avoided if at all possible!

If you want to avoid the inconvenience and expense of house repairs during the cold and wet winter months, you should conduct a through survey of your home. Whatever steps need to be taken to protect the property from the effects of the forthcoming winter, your local Devon tradesmen will be able to advise you on and take care of. In that way, any required repairs and renovations can be completed in good time and well before they turn into an urgent issue. In terms of preparing your home for the winter, it is definitely better to be safe than sorry!

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