Devon Builders Tips: Planning Your Kitchen Renewal

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Most real estate agents, home owners, purchasers, builders and interior designers would agree that the most important room in the home is the kitchen. It is for this reason that, if you are planning to carry out any kitchen renovations, you need to do so carefully so that you are able to exploit the kitchen’s position within the house and, if possible, add value to your property whilst making it a comfortable, optimised work place.

Renovation or Renewal?
The first thing that needs to be considered is whether you want to entirely renew the kitchen or whether, as an alternative, you are willing to renovate the existing units and, perhaps, renew only the white goods and any other fittings. There are likely to be two key determining factors in reaching a decision. The first is, inevitably, finance. A kitchen renovation is likely to be substantially less expensive than investing in a completely new kitchen installation. The second is, of course, the state of the existing kitchen. The reality is that some kitchens have reached such a state of deterioration that even builders who are the most skilled in kitchen renovations will not be able to transform them into an attractive state. Assuming that you decide on a complete kitchen renewal there are certain key factors that you will want to bear in mind when collaborating with your builders on its design.

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The issue of drainage is fundamental when planning a new kitchen. The layout of the kitchen will inevitably depend to a great extent on the positioning of the external walls and the accessible drains. It is preferable that water draining from the sinks, washing machine and dishwasher is able to escape directly into the drains. Whilst this is not a problem if you maintain the existing layout of a kitchen that was originally so designed, if you want to remodel the layout of the kitchen it is likely to require the introduction of new pipework, which can be tricky, time-consuming and expensive.

The Kitchen Triangle
When planning the work area of the kitchen the importance of the triangle theory should not be forgotten. This means that the cooker, sink and refrigerator should be always be kept accessible to one another, preferably through the incorporation of a shared work surface.

Power Sources
A well-planned kitchen will have a number of well positioned electrical points and a convenient gas supply for your gas cooker or boiler. All electrical and gas installations should be carried out by properly qualified and certified professionals.

When a kitchen is being emptied prior to installation of a new version it is an ideal time to consider whether to renew the flooring. Indeed, it may be necessary to do so if heavier fittings are to be introduced to the room.

Legal Issues
When renewing their kitchen, many homeowners decide to add to its size by extending the existing room If this is the case, it will be necessary to consider whether planning permission is required or whether the proposed development comes within one of those categories of work that are permissible without the need to seek planning consent. Regardless of the matter of planning consent, if you want to extend your home to accommodate a new kitchen, the relevant building regulations will need o be complied with.

Surviving the Process
If you are to live in the house throughout the kitchen renewal you are likely to suffer the temporary cessation of gas, water and electrical services. You should liaise closely with your kitchen installers to make sure that disruption to the household is kept to a minimum.

The renewal of a kitchen is a major piece of work but if it is planned carefully and carried out in close consultation with your builders it is likely to be of considerable benefit to the household, to add to its value and to make it a better place to live in.

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