Devon Builders Tips: How to Avoid Expensive House Repairs

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Most things in life tend to deteriorate with age. This is most noticeable in items that suffer wear and tear over a period of time. The constant and long term use that all of the components of a house are put to mean that your house is the place that is likely to suffer the most from disrepair. Although it may not be a great help to our renovations department, we set out below some tips as to how to prevent your house falling into disrepair and thus avoid those costly repairs.

The Roof
As we have demonstrated in earlier posts on this blog and on our sister blog The Roofers SW Blog a damaged roof can cause untold expense. The key to avoiding this is to inspect the roof externally for any cracked, broken or displaced roof tiles. An internal inspection will also reveal any signs of water infiltration. The earlier any damage to a roof is detected the quicker the necessary repairs can be undertaken and damage to the interior of the property and its contents avoided.

Plumbing and Heating
It may not be easy to access all of the internal and external plumbing but you should nevertheless keep a check on the plumbing for any indications of minor leaks. Water leaks have a tendency to get worse rather than better, so speedy attention to any leak, however modest, is highly recommended. It is also important to ensure that your boiler is regularly serviced. Not only is this likely to be a requirement of the warranty, it will also ensure that the boiler works more efficiently, providing hot water to the house for the least amount of fuel.

Wiring should be checked for any breaches and any plugs or sockets that show signs of wear and tear should be replaced. Any old wiring should be renewed. Fuse boxes should be adequately covered and situated away from the most likely site of a roof leak or a burst to an internal pipe and, if one of the older fuse boxes is fitted, it should be renewed. Many houses have older style power meters. These should also be replaced for greater efficiency.

External Stonework
If there is any sign that the mortar between the stonework is deteriorating you should consider re-pointing it to avoid more expensive problems further down the line.

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Any paintwork that is decaying or peeling should be properly treated and renewed where necessary. In the early stages it may be possible to carry out a patch repair rather than the more wholesale solution that will be necessary if the problem is left to worsen further.

Wall Coverings
Wallpaper and tiles should be kept clean and any sign that the paper or a tile is beginning to come loose should be dealt with to make sure that is does not get any worse.

It is far easier to unblock a gutter that may have become filled with leaves than it is to deal with the penetrating damp that can result if the problem is left untreated.

If a blocked drain is left unattended, the results, in terms of the backing up of foul sewage need hardly be mentioned!

This is not a complete list of the things that can be done to avoid a house falling into disrepair but it is certainly a good guide. We at The Builders SW would recommend it to our customers!

If your house does get into the sort of state where it needs some professional input please contact our builders in Torquay, Newton Abbot, Exeter and Devon

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