Building Houses In The South West – Different Types Of Brick That Can Be Used

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You might be surprised to know that there are many different kinds of brick that can be used when you are building your new house. The most popular are clay based and kiln fired. Here are just a few of them.


With this type of brick, which is relatively cheap because of how it is manufactured, the clay material is forced out to the necessary shape and size before being sliced into individual bricks by a wire. There is a wide choice in brick texture and shade.


During the manufacture of stock bricks, he clay is moistened to a substance that is known as “soft mud”. It is then shaped and left to dry before being kiln fired. In comparison to wirecut, the shape stock bricks can be a little irregular and tend to cost a little more.

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This type of brick is normally made in a mould on a bench, in a similar manner to the stock brick. However, because the process does not involve mechanical compacting of the clay, every brick is distinctive. Not surprisingly, these bricks are expensive and are often reserved for the higher end of the market.


This type of brick is so-called because the clay that is used in its construction is native only to the South East of England. What makes the bricks individual is that the clay contains small amounts of coal. Not only does this cause some interesting visual effects in the bricks, the coal actually burns in the kiln, reducing firing costs.

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The bricklaying industry standard, engineering bricks are durable, strong and hardwearing but are not especially pleasing to the eye. Nonetheless their resistance to cold and wet weather makes them a perfect choice for groundworks, sewage systems and supporting walls.


A cheaper alternative to clay but not considered to be either as high a quality or as attractive, this type of brick is most popular in areas where the clay versions are harder to get hold of.

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These bricks, which are also relatively cheap, tend to be used as “fillers”. They are most suitable for the smaller, less demanding jobs.

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As the name suggests, this type of brick has been used before and then salvaged. Although you may thing that this should be cheap option, in fact, the time needed to clean up the bricks and the fact that they do not necessarily come in present industry sizes, means that this may not be the case. They may prove to be much more expensive! For this reason, it is possible to have an artificial “reclaimed” brick, which can be a much cheaper alternative for anyone who likes the physical appearance of reclaimed bricks.

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What bricklayers understand the term “special” to mean is that the brick is not of the conventional rectangular shape. The diversity in shape and size of the bricks provides a challenge to the skill of the bricklayer that can result in some of the most attractive facings. Once again, though, this is not the cheapest option.

So, as you can see, there are several choices of brick for your new property. Your decision can be based on your own taste and budget and local availability. Your local Torquay, South Devon and South West builders are there to advise and assist you in making the right choice.

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