Building A Plumbing System For Your New House

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When The Builders SW build your new house one of the essential elements of the planning and construction process is the plumbing system. There are two basic components to a plumbing system. First, is the intake system, which feeds the sinks, the kitchen, the shower, any water heaters and indoor or exterior sprinkler systems. Second, is the drainage and waste systems which drain water and sewage waste away from the house, either through the mains drainage and sewage system or through a private form of drainage, which may involve a septic tank. Although these two systems are largely independent, they are equally important and need to work in harmony with one another.

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The pipework may be copper or PVC, the latter being cheaper and easier to install. The drain waste system pipework is normally PVC. There are certain building codes that your builders will need to comply with when constructing the plumbing system for your new house and The Builders SW are fully conversant with these requirements.

It is absolutely essential that the plumbing system is properly planned out. Clearly, the plans have to extend from the exterior of the property, via the foundations and exterior walls to every room in the house from which waste materials and fluid needs to drain and to which the external water supply needs to to be taken. Discussion between the foundation builders and the plumbers is vital from the outset. On the interior, the plumbing will include the central heating system and the boiler, the positioning of which also needs to be carefully considered. Collaboration with the plasterers, the electricians and the central heating installers will also be ongoing.

The canny builder will also look at the possibility of future extensions and improvements and make sure that there is easy access to pipework or routing pipes are used so that adding a room or an extension to the property in the future is made easier. It is also good planning to make sure that there is a sufficient number of strategically placed shut-off valves. This way, if there is a problem with a particular line of pipe work or a domestic appliance such as the washing machine, you can isolate the section in question without the need to switch off the entire water supply. One other issue that you may want to consider is the installation of a water meter. For certain properties and households, this can provide a real money saving – something that we all need in these times of austerity!

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As you can see, there is a lot more to plumbing a new house than simply laying a few pipes. It really is a question of close teamwork between several different types of tradesman. Fortunately, at The Builders SW, we have a professional team who have many years of working together in installing complete plumbing and heating systems from start to finish.

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