Builders Comparison Websites – Why Not?

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Almost everyone in the Western world must now be aware of the phenomenon that is known as the internet price comparison website. We have all bought car or house insurance or applied for a credit card or shopped for cheap products using these useful sites. We can even find sites that will immediately calculate our household bills according to which supplier we prefer. Not many people know that there are now websites where they can compare building tradesmen before¬†taking them on to carry out the work that is needed. Although these sites are not as popular as the more conventional ones that we have mentioned above, they are developing quickly. When you think about it, it must make sense to have a way of comparing the prices that builders are prepared to offer – after all, that is what happens when people get several quotes for a piece of work or when a job goes out to tender. What makes these sites so useful to the prospective customers is that many of them ask the builder to commit to having users’ comments posted on them. This can be hazardous for the “cowboy” builder and a real benefit to the public. Of course, it is also of benefit to the conscientious, professional builder.

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Of course, all aspects of the building trade are covered and you can find roofers, joiners, plumbers, plasterers and renderers, electricians, pavers, gas technicians, kitchen fitters and many other types of tradesman. We are pleased to say that we appear on Rated People, a popular website for people looking for a reliable builder and have received many leads through them, due, we are sure, to the very positive customer feedback on their site. Although we have reproduced this feedback on our own website, our customers can obtain it independently by going to The Rated People Site. Bearing in mind some of the amounts of money that can be spent on major building projects, if you do not know a builder or don’t have the benefit of a personal recommendation, you could do much worse that searching for these comparison sites before taking on a builder or other tradesman. It can’t do any harm – and may save you a lot of money and get you the best building job for a reasonable price!

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