Bathroom Renovation – What It Involves

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At The Builders SW we are often asked to renovate a bathroom for a customer. Of course, renovation can mean many things to many people, ranging from a little sprucing up of a fading bathroom to a complete remodelling. We thought we would point out the most important aspects of bathroom renovation to give you an idea of what it can involve.Surfaces
The floor and walls of the bathroom are essential elements of a successful design. The choice of floor covering is important as is the way in which the walls will be decorated. Tile size, shape, texture and colour are all things that should be carefully thought about. The interior of the shower cubicle should also be considered. Curtains and blinds should be chosen to blend in with the overall appearance. Any paintwork should also match the general ambience of the decoration of the room.South West BathroomsThe Bathroom Furniture
The bath is likely to be the central feature but it is always best to make sure that the lavatory, the sink and any other feature, such as a bidet, match each other for style, design and colour. Any towel rails and radiators should be carefully chosen and positioned to complement the rest of the room.

The Shower
For many people, the shower cubicle is an essential part of the bathroom. The size and position will be largely determined by the shape and dimensions of the bathroom itself. Selection of the shower tray is important as is the type of shower. Most customers nowadays prefer a power shower with a versatile shower head. Your builders can advise you on the range of showers that are available.

What can make a bathroom really stand out is the type of fittings (taps, plug holes, handles etc) that are used. A vast range of fittings are available in many shapes, sizes and designs, constructed from a variety of different materials. You should also think about the pipework. If it is to be visible, how can it be made to look unobtrusive. Alternatively how can it be covered or disguised in a way that does not detract from the overall look of the bathroom?

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The selection of the bathroom’s lighting is also an important component of a successful bathroom renovation. Obviously, the more ambient the lighting, the more relaxing the bathroom experience will be. Ceiling lights and wall lights should be sensibly chosen to provide the appropriate lighting just where it is needed. Your builders will also advise you on safety in the bathroom and the correct type of light fittings and light bulbs to use.

Of course, there are some customers who really want to go to town and create a truly luxurious bathroom, by way of a home spa, steam room or wet room. The only limitations on what we can do with a bathroom are the size that you have to work with and your imagination!

Whatever your particular taste and requirements, The Builders SW are there to advise you on design, materials and installation to give you the bathroom that you have always wanted.

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