5 Major Benefits of Installing Double Glazing in the Home

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When money is scarce it can be tempting to avoid spending money on even routine home maintenance, let alone on investing in substantial improvements.

However, one particular type of home improvement that is definitely worth investing in is double glazing. There are many ways that your house will benefit from the installation of double glazing. In this brief article, we look at five of the most valuable, not only in terms of money saving but also those that improve your quality of life as well as help the environment.

1) Heat Efficiency
A great deal of heat is lost through the window and door frames of a typical domestic property so the replacement of older wood-framed doors and windows with more modern double glazed units will immediately make your home more energy efficient.

With double glazing installed, the house will be less drafty and stay warmer for longer. This is particularly important for elderly people, who often have less money to spend on heating yet are more prone to lose body heat because of their relative lack of mobility.

2) Noise Reduction
Noise pollution is a problem that affects many home owners, particularly those that live in built-up areas or close to major traffic sources. Single glazed windows are inefficient when it comes to keeping noise out. The inefficiency, in noise-reduction terms, of the older, wooden construction of door and window frames compounds the problem, making it hardly surprising that significant noise pollution affects older properties the most.

Installing double glazing for your windows and doors can dramatically reduce the noise levels that seep in, making your home a more peaceful environment throughout the whole of the day and night.

3) Reduction in Heating Costs
Because the installation of double glazing increases the home’s ability to retain heat, there will be a corresponding reduction in the amount of energy that is required to keep the home warm. Obviously, the more that you can reduce the amount of energy you consume the less your fuel bills will be.

This is a very important factor to set against the initial cost of installing double glazing. After only a few years, the savings that you are able to make on your fuel bills is likely to have eclipsed the amount of your initial outlay.

4) Maintenance and Repair Costs
Older, wood-framed windows and doors require a considerable amount of maintenance. They tend to rot, causing cavities that requiring filling, the putty deteriorates with age, requiring renewal, and the frames need to be repainted regularly. This work can be both time-consuming and expensive, especially if you have to employ a tradesman to do it for you.

In comparison, the frames of UPVC double glazed windows and doors require minimal maintenance over a period of many years. Some double glazing suppliers even provide a guarantee to that effect!

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Double glazed doors are cheap to maintain

5) Environmental Benefits
One of the key initiatives of the present coalition government has been the issue of climate change and energy conservation. The Department for Energy and Climate Change has expressed a clear view that we should all do everything that we can to reduce the amount of energy that we use.

One way that we can achieve this is by making our homes more energy efficient and as we have already established, double glazing goes a substantial way towards doing this. Not only do you save money by reducing your energy consumption, you also make a valuable contribution towards the sustainability of our planet.

Although, in these straightened financial times, you may feel averse to any major outlay on your home, this may, in certain cases, represent a false economy. It is often said that it is necessary to speculate in order to accumulate. The installation of double glazing units represents one of those investments whose long term benefits, both financial and otherwise, will make your initial outlay quickly become money well spent.

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